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How We Work 

Our passion and experience for collecting has allowed us to build trust with our ever-growing audience in the physical and digital world.

We connect your brand to our engaged community through a range of services such as tailored video content, live streams, strategic social media marketing, giveaways, charity auctions, and more!

Case Studies

Elevating an Online Collectible Marketplace's User Base

Background: Elite Comics11 began with a modest presence on Twitter compared to its more active and engaged community on Instagram.

Strategy: To enhance Elite Comics11's social media in five months, we integrated podcast commercials, hosted educational Twitter Spaces, launched giveaways to boost community engagement, and maintained a steady flow of social media posts.

Outcome: Our strategy was a massive success in skyrocketing Elite Comics11's Twitter following by 20x within a span of just five months. This growth translated into thousands of dollars in revenue and created a loyal customer base that has consistently boosted sales with recurring revenue and ongoing support for Elite Comics11. We are proud to have played such an instrumental role in helping them achieve their goals.

The Success Story of Our Multi-Partner Giveaway at Comic Con

Background: We regularly run giveaways with our partners to help them grow their following and engage with new communities.

Strategy: We planned, coordinated, and successfully executed a giveaway with 20+ partners for San Diego Comic Con with prizes given away to 65 winners.

Outcome: Through our giveaway, we were able to help our partners grow their followings on both Twitter and Instagram. Average growth over 2 weeks by platform and partner size:

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